10 Years of Rain

Last September my debut album “Wood” turned 10 years old. I gathered up some of the original guys who played on the album and had an anniversary show in my favourite home town venue, The Stables in Mullingar. The concert was captured for posterity by the talented and lovely folks at Kerbute Productions.

We’re going to be releasing individual songs from the night over the next couple of months, but right now I’m delighted to share the first in this series. I thought we’d start off with something with a little bit more energy than is usual in my songs. I do hope you enjoy. This one is called “Rain” … It was a lot of fun.

Please share as far and wide as you can and help the musics to reach new people. Thanks!

…and here, if you’re curious, is the same song, played on the same stage, from about ten years earlier…