Go Slow – Live on the lake

It’s less than two weeks to Christmas. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by Christmas lights. On the radio – “I don’t like cricket – I love it”. A painted snowman wearing a black top hat stares at me from the window with two uneven black eyes. Today is Wednesday and I’ve made an arrangement with myself to make Wednesday website day. Tell me why is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?

This week I want to share a song that I recorded last month in Switzerland… This song has been in the air for a year or more now and has taken a long time to come together. Some songs are like that… tricksy, crafty things. I can’t say for sure if it’s done yet, or if it’s as good as I think it should be. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what a song is. But with this one I must be patient. That is the central theme of the song… to be patient with things as they unfold… that every step in becoming is important, that it’s not good to rush things.

Go Slow - Handwritten Lyrics

This was filmed on the lake in Brienz, Switzerland, which is one of my favourite places in the world. Filmed on an iPhone by my friend René, a guitar maker, a Jedi of wood and an altogether wonderful human being. He filmed with the phone in one hand and an oar in the other. You can hear the oar cut the water has we slowly turn around to take in all the mountains behind us. Hope you enjoy the song – if you do, please share on your Facebooks / Twitter / take a screen shot, print it out and put up on your fridge … however you can make the songs travel is good 🙂

Go Slow

“Noise, when the lights go out in your playground mind.
Noise in the dance club that’s your heart sometimes
and there’s noise in your muscles aching to climb
but there’s quiet underneath this that you’re trying to find

Go Slow, Go slow, good change will slowly come
Go slow and know that this is your becoming
Yours alone

Well a man gets lost in the stories that he tells
Be kind with the names that you give to yourself
and I know that you’re running to be more than you are
don’t the stars have their rhythms , it’s the same in your heart

Go Slow, Go slow, good change will slowly come
Go slow and know that this is your becoming

In your rise, in your fall, in your dusk, in your dawn
In your changing mind, in your animal heart
Go Slow…

Go Slow, Go slow, good change is slowly coming
Go slow and know that this is your becoming”