Meet the Muse:

Things are busy in Doran-Ville at the moment. “Outlines” is finished, artwork, videos and shows are all on the way. But this weekend is a very special one for me on a personal level. My good lady Therese and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary as a couple. This is starting to get serious!

Excuse me while I bite your head off.

The songbook of the world is filled with tales of love lost and love found, but so far my own songbook has nothing of love truly lost. I have never spent a single night at Heartbreak Hotel. I met Therese 12 years ago and we have grown together in those years. We’re either very much in love or terrified of change! ¬†Apart from inspiring many a song, she has given me complete freedom to follow this music making dream of mine. She has the patience of a saint and at continues to inspire, encourage and shelter me from the storm. I am one seriously lucky songwriter!

I hope that you’ll enjoy “Always Kind” from the new album, written with my good lady very much in mind:

She makes it all so much better, she makes it all so much better.
She is the water in the desert, she is the comfort in forever.
She is the safe way through the mountains, she is the pennies in your fountain.
And she’s always always kind.

She is the keys to the kingdom, she is the window that you sing from.
She is the wall around your city, she is the armour on your body.
She is the stitches in your torn clothes, she is the candle in your window.
And she’s always, always kind.

She is the Rock you build your church on, she is the fire in your sermon.
She is the silence in your temple, she holds you close as you tremble.
She is the prayer upon your tongue, she is your ever burning sun.
And she’s always always kind.
And she’s always all over my little mind.

She makes it all so much better.

“Always Kind” is the second song from my new album “Outlines”, which is available at