Shooting the Lighthouse: Video Day 1.

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On shoot for “The World is Wide” Video – Photo by Lucy Jones, June 8th 2014.

I’m feeling a bit hyper and caffeinated this morning. Last night was another late one. It came after a long but enjoyable day of trekking and adventuring with Lucy Jones and John Hennessy of Kerbute Productions (Video-makers extraordinaire). It was day one of making a video for a song of mine called “The World is Wide”.  The song is about two children with adventurous hearts. We spent the day at Howth, a picturesque village on the outskirts of Dublin.

Our day started at Deer park, where Lucy got close up and slow motion images of rustic old doorways, chains, leaves,  gates, nettles and vines.  The light was gorgeous, perfect. It dropped and dipped and shone down through the leaves and the branches. The ground was covered in purple petals. It was a perfect day to ramble through nature:

The light was gorgeous, perfect.

Lucy at work

We climbed steps and muddy slopes until we reached the top of a hill. The view was spectacular. We looked out on the natural Sea and down on man-made golf course. Here and there were small woods and jagged rocks.

Heidi the Alsation

After an hour or two we went down into the village for some food. We ate on the pier and looked out to Sea. Some sea-gulls came near and I shared some chips with them. We finished our food and returned greasy-handed to Lucy’s place, where we drank tea, charged the camera and looked over some of the day’s footage. There are some really great shots already. Super-close up and with incredible detail. Drifting in and out of focus.

We were feeling good, rested, all our batteries recharged – it was time for part II. Lucy needed some time-lapse images of a lighthouse at night. The clue is in the name: “Time lapse”, this takes time  – about 30 mins for 11 seconds of imagery. It was getting cold and John sent Lucy & I back to the car to keep warm. He would keep watch over the camera. As luck would have it, I had a super warm blanket in the car so I gave that to him to keep warm. It’s a heavy bright orange thing, and wrapped up in it he looked liked some kind of medieval King. He himself thought he looked like a work of art, a Caravaggio to be exact! The guys got what they wanted & the lighthouse images look really special. It will be cool to see how it all adds up and blends together in the editing room.

King John: Keeping warm, keeping watch.

On getting back to Kerbute HQ we made another round of tea and toast (served with peanut butter) and watched over some more of the days video. It looks wonderful. A great floor to start with. The shots are extremely high quality and I think it’s going to be amazing. What it needs now is some human elements, it needs people, signs of life – and it will get it soon. Watch this space…