Exceptional Irish Songwriters – Pearse McGloughlin –

“You and I have hearts that are lonely hunters” – Pearse McGloughlin, “Spherosphere”.

I decided recently that I would take more care with this little website of mine. The plan is to add something new here each week. I want the site to grow, to give value, to entertain! Today, I want to introduce you fine people to some new music. There’s so much out there to discover and much that stays hidden. Over the coming months I want to point you towards some of my very favourite Irish songwriters. Some you’ll know I’m sure, others you may not. Just maybe you’ll fall in love with something new.

The first songwriter in this series is Pearse McGloughlin. Pearse creates a beautiful dream world in his songs and in his recordings. His voice is soft, he almost whispers. He’s close, at your ear. Most importantly he writes killer songs. ┬áIt’s after midnight now and I’m listening to his “In Movement” album. This is the right time to listen to this record. Best to let it wrap itself around you when the day has wound down.

“In Movement” was Pearse’s second record, and it’s the one I’m most familiar with. I encourage you to dive in yourself and let it work it’s charms on you.



In 2013 Pearse released an album called “Idiot Songs” in collaboration with musician and producer Justin Grounds. They describe the record as “an album of electronic chamber songs”. It’s a slightly darker record than “In Movement” but every bit as strong. Check out the amazing video for the song “Devils” :

Devils by Idiot Songs from Kevin McGloughlin on Vimeo.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful artist!
Find out more below and get your hands on the albums:



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