The World is Wide

“The World is Wide” official video (By Lucy Jones) coming this month… Listen to the album track and see stills from the video below:

Lucas and Zakk Baker in the Official Video for “The World is wide”

I’ve got a friend called Lucy. Lucy is a video maker, and a saint. Last year at a show, she heard me play a song called “The World is Wide”  and she was struck with the idea to make a video for it. Well I’m delighted to tell you that she’s done it! She followed through and turned the idea into reality, and it looks beautiful.

The song (You can hear the album version below) is about two young boys with big adventurous hearts! The video will be released at the end of September, but here are some pictures to give you a flavor for it. Enjoy!

“Yeah I meant what I said, when I said I was thinking about leaving here”

“If somehow, our mothers find out then all is lost…”

I won’t be in the video but that didn’t stop me having fun on the shoot!!!

Thanks for looking / listening / reading. 🙂