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  1. Dear Peter,

    Today I heard, for the first time, the recording taken in Bergen op Zoom during Crossroads. Great performing, great voice good guitar playing!! I didn’t know you before because I like this music a lot. Hope to see a next time in the Netherlands.

    Paul Hectors

    1. Hi Paul, Big apologies for the insanely slow reply!!! I just saw your kind words today. I’m really happy you enjoyed the recordings, that was such a lovely night. I hope to be back in Holland at the end of September / start of October. Maybe see you at a show 🙂 That live in Holland album is available as a free download here if you like… http://peterdoran.bandcamp.com/album/live-in-holland

      Best wishes

    1. Hi Abhjeet,

      Thanks a million my friend for reading and listening, much appreciated! I once had an album made in India you know… would like to go back some time. Best ~PD

  2. Those were amazing days peter. I can always remember the first time I listened to my ltd edition wood ( which I nearly had to burn during the big freeze of 2008) amd thinking how could something so beautiful come from someone so cuddly! You were very lucky to have the two late and greats Cani and Vinny on board. No doubt you will continue to seek inspiration from them for years to come !

    1. Blessed I was Liam, and still am. I find myself surrounded by great musicians and people. Hope you and family are keeping well and happy. Thanks for reading. PD

    1. Hi Linsey, thanks for taking the time to have a read. Great that you enjoyed it! I’ll keep on going at all costs most certainly. Hope you’re doing great! PD

  3. Great read Peter! Remember the excitement of opening up the album once it arrived and instantly becoming a favourite. Looking forward to the new release!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. As i got into the second paragraph of this post, i just felt i had to play it, so i did! You have a gift, and we are all lucky you are sharing it with all of us. I do have a special edition of “Wood”, i loved the album since i first listened to it on SoundCloud, and i fell in love with the packaging as soon as i saw it. It sits on my desk, so i can get to see it all the time. reading this post made it even more special to me, more meaningful, and even if it gets to be worth thousands of Euros, I would never sell it!!! it is a reminder that believing in what you do, no matter.

    Thank you so much!!!

  5. Dear Peter,
    I do share your thoughts and agree on the philosophical approach a lot. Although I belong to a generation of people who could do records only if they could actually play and were worth entering a studio ( as you luckily are ), I quickly learned to cope with the creative business chaos we currently survive, and I like that you see the subject on a both modern and mature angle, respecting music history and embracing the new trends. So, for me, the best we could do is to continue in creating art, until time and culture suggest a natural development of today’s models ! Singles are fun, to express a moment in time, a creative window. But I like albums more. They could be a soundtrack of a journey, a book of memories. They stay longer with us. Ask all your fans what they would pay for an album. It could help to decide…

    1. My Dear Duke!

      Thanks for your feedback, and for taking the time to read 🙂
      It’s pretty much chaos out there in digital land for sure, and my thoughts on all this stuff change a lot from day to day. We must indeed keep on creating art regardless of the model or distribution channels. We must keep going. Initial feedback from friends and fans seem to be that artists should charge a reasonable amount but give “super-fans” the option to pay more if they wish…

      My thoughts about Name-your-price (starting at zero) is that perhaps that this will make the music easier to spread and will therefore be heard by more people. But of course I could be wrong. Maybe Quality spreads regardless of price. It’s an interesting debate. Another musician friend of mine suggested the free model is good provided it’s on a time basis… ie you make certain music available for free but put an end-point on it.

      Who knows… The important thing is the music, everything else is just kicking around ideas 🙂

      ps The album format is still king for me!

  6. Just happened to come across Emmett on Glen Hansard -Other Voices. What a fantastic voice, I think he’s amazing , just heading off to see if I can get his CD Attic Faith . Someone mentioned to me recently that Pete Courtney was very good also if you want to check him out.

    1. Hope you managed to track down Attic Faith, it’s a classic. I know Pete Courtney too, he’s got some fine songs! Thanks for writing 🙂 PD

  7. Hi, Peter,enjoyed that, and your Christmas essay! I’m from Mullingar myself,I’m before your time, my teenage years coincided with the career of the Beatles and the whole explosion of sound and vision that was the Sixties! Getting into your albums bit by bit, it reminds me of the way I listened intently to Simon and Garfunkel , and I think your writing is progressing sweetly, as Paul Simons did! ….my other fav Irish songwriter is Pat Silke, worth checking out his song Fly down to Mexico on u tube…the Hudson Taylor single is also v good, I think you’ll agree! .Ps.. Love the Little Room video, congrats all round on that! Slainte, T.

    1. Thanks for writing Tom, and for taking the time to discover my music. Listening to “Fly down to Mexico” now. Very nice. Good wishes ~Peter

  8. I enjoyed reading about your beginning interest in music. It’s funny that you started out with heavy metal, a genre on the other side of the spectrum of music genres. Sorry about your friend passing away suddenly 3 years ago. I’m enjoying the new album, Outlines.

  9. Man, you absolutely need to share that tape. What a true gem. Didn’t know that a song like Beast and Beauty was so old. And what about A Father Cries?

  10. This was a lovely read! The Professor was always my favourite too; there’s something very special about it.

    Are there other posts in this series or is this the first?

    1. Thanks for reading Jo, glad you enjoyed. Professor is a killer song… There are three other posts in the blog archive there, on Rhob Cunningham, Pearse McLoughlin and Emmett Tinley.

  11. I really enjoyed reading about your trip to Germany. Thanks for sharing the point of view of the musician, having only been an audience member it is interesting to read about gigs from the performer. I also enjoyed the video.

    1. Hi Tish!!! Thanks so much for your feedback 🙂 Very happy you found these thoughts and words interesting. best wishes ~Peter

  12. Lovely essay, Peter, look forward to the next one. Best of luck with the new material as well. Love the way you let your honesty shine, and that you are an artist, not a slave to the dollar! And you saved the bit about Therese til the end, you clever fox, you! Slainte, Tom.

    1. Thanks for reading Tom! 🙂 Hopefully these posts give a little insight and a little entertainment. I enjoy writing them too so all’s good. best wishes to you ~PD

  13. Lovely piece Peter, enjoyed it immensely, the insights into the gig and the honest encore were especially nice, and a lovely mention of the great man himself, Vinny Baker at the end. A sad ending to a perfect piece. More of this sort of stuff. Encore!

    1. Thanks for reading through Ronan, delighted you enjoyed it my friend! Hope all is good with you and yours. ~PD

  14. I found this by accident. I’m in a serious musical relationship with Damien Rice for more than 10 years now. Already saw him twice: 2009 and last week, both times in Buenos Aires. Though I’m from Brasil and leave here I love to travel to see him in my fav city in the world. Your post just put in words some of my feelings. Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. Damien is just amazing, so exquisite. I’m from Argentina and I discovered Damien around 2006-2007. Recently he came here and I saw him for my first time. It was something unique, so special for me. He made my dream came true. I wish I could travel to Irish some day and know all the places he inspired to write his lyrics. Best regards from this part of the World.

    1. Hey Nico! Happy you enjoyed the piece. Great that you got to see Damien live, it is a special experience indeed. Would love to visit your country some day too. Best from rainy Dublin ~PD

  16. Hi Peter, Happy New Year to you and yours. Just came back for a look and a listen after all the crap music on across the channels last night! For what it’s worth, i think you, Gavin James, Hudson Taylor and Lisa O Neill are the best in the country at this time. Upwards and onwards this momentous year!, Slainte, Tom Ryan.

  17. Came to Emmett through The Prayer Boat. Just recently. I agree that there are millions who’d love Attic Faith if only they had the opportunity to hear it! There is no reason why the young Buckley should have been a household name, at least amongst music lovers and critics, while Emmett remains obscure. The songs have aged well. Life isn’t fair sometimes. I’m old(er). Over 60+ years of listening to popular music there are certain individuals who stand out for me as being negligently overlooked. Shuggie Otis, A Girl Called Eddy, Jeb Loy Nicholls, Destroyer, The Whitlams, and more recently, The Delines.
    Then there’s Lewis Taylor – should have been a mega-star. Oh well.