NEW ALBUM – Sleepless Street – 23.07.2010

NEW ALBUM release details

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can tell you that my new album “Sleepless Street” will finally see the light of day this friday 9th July! I am making it initially available through the amazing store @ for the very special price of €5 until the end of July. Bandcamp is a really cool site, with loads of options for high quality downloads etc. Another great feature is you can listen to all the songs in full on there too.

So from Friday morning “Sleepless Street” will be available at

The album will then be officially released, through itunes and other major digital stores worldwide on July 23rd.


You can check out the song “Pathways” from the album over on my youtube channel. The video footage is taken from some of the various recording sessions over the last 10months or so…  Also watch out for the official recording documentary coming in the next couple of weeks.


The actual cd release for the album will be sometime in mid-September. I am working closely with Swedish artist Marcus Gunnar Pettersson, and we hope to finalise all artwork in the coming weeks and go to print in August.

Here is the recently completed art for the back cover (complete with hilarious “guide” text)

Oh, on the subject of artwork… Do you fine people prefer Hand-written or typed lyrics in your album booklet?

Do let me know your thoughts 🙂

That’s pretty much all the news for now

Best wishes