“You and I have hearts that are lonely hunters” – Pearse McGloughlin, “Spherosphere”.

I decided recently that I would take more care with this little website of mine. The plan is to add something new here each week. I want the site to grow, to give value, to entertain! Today, I want to introduce you fine people to some new music. Read More


“What would you do, if you were to, start over?”

As I get close to finishing my fourth studio album I find myself thinking a lot about my first. I released “Wood” in 2006, I was twenty two. As I wrote in the last post, the album that I’m working on now has been recorded in a place that I have a history with. It was in this small house in the country that I made some of my first recordings; we started recording “Wood” there around 2004. My thoughts go back to that time now. Read More

It’s a bright morning in Dublin, I’m listening to the new album by Marissa Nadler and drinking Pomegranate Tea. I’ve been awake since 6:55 am. I decided that this month I want to see more early mornings. That’s not very rock and roll but there you have it. Read More


This song came along really quickly, it’s a simple enough thing but I’m really enjoying singing it.

Here are a couple of the early audio sketches recorded on iPhone.

Hope you enjoy. If you do, please share, send your friends here. 


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Peter Doran live at O'Fiach's


I’m currently working on a bunch of songs for the next record.

I will be sharing various demos and sketches here on the website in the coming weeks and months. These sketches will consist of  raw iPhone recordings, live takes and home studio demos.

This is how songs are born, for me at least. I hope you enjoy.


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