Have you heard Alela Diane?

“Your eyes were green, your skin was darker than the colour of my own. We took a shower in the dark. Your Mother wasn’t home. O I think of you sometimes. Of the snow, and that Colorado Winter Blue.”

Alela Diane

Every now and then I come across a song or an artist that entirely captivates me. A voice or a mood that calls me in and holds my attention with force. It happens rarer than I’d like, but that’s what makes these things special. Music like this isn’t to be found at every turn, and when you do find it, or it finds you – be thankful, and devour it. My way into the world of Alela Diane came earlier this year. A friend of mine posted a link on facebook to one of her interviews, there was a photo along with the post and Alela looked every bit as haunting and beautiful as her music turned out to be. I was smitten.

I played her “About Farewell” record repeatedly on Spotify. That album was a huge inspiration for me as I recorded “Outlines”. I was shooting for that starkness, that clarity, intimacy and mood. Hopefully we got somewhere near it. This week I eventually picked up a copy of “About Farewell” on CD, in a real life honest-to-goodness music shop in Dublin. It feels good and sounds even better.

Here are a few of my favourite videos from Alela – Have a listen for yourself and see what you think:

I encourage you to get your hands on a copy of “About Farewell” – It’s an absolute cracker!!!

Have you heard anything recently that really blew you away? If so, let me know in the comment box below!